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SOUL Harbour Ranch Goldens 

Breeder of healthy English Golden Retrievers.  *Puppies expected April 2023!

We are passionate about producing Golden Retriever puppies with SOUL,

where Sharing of Unconditional Love is what our puppies do best!

Montrose SOUL's Bliss at Britmore aka "BLISS"

Our Story

SOUL Harbour Ranch & Britmore Golden Retrievers both have a passion for "English" type golden retrievers. 

What exactly is an "English" Golden Retriever? Read more here. 

We are ecstatic about the 2023 partnership with Bliss' co-owner Andrea Sahs of Britmore Golden Retrievers, owner of the highly sought after English Golden Retriever  "RYDER" (LawPark a Ticket to Britmore), for his lineage, conformation and temperament. 

Ryder (who was born 9/16/13), has produced over 100 incredible puppies! Some of those puppies are showing (and winning!) through AKC and UKC, many have gone on to do therapy work by virtue of his incredible temperament, and ALL have have become treasured and much-loved family dogs.

While SOUL Harbour Ranch is new to breeding in 2023, our experience with whelping puppies and training therapy dogs, as well as the wonderful partnership and mentorship by Britta Nielson at Dewbury Dream Goldens, ensures optimal puppy health and training.  

Breeding healthy and top quality Golden Retriever puppies starts with the parents. Our English Goldens and their ancestors consist of International Champion bloodlines and top pedigrees, most of which are imported from Europe.

All parents have passed OFA and certifications (Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes) and have undergone genetic testing to ensure they are clear of PRA 1 & 2, NCL, and Ichthyosis (and more!) *See K9data links below

We have several therapy dogs of our own, and many of our dogs' relatives are registered therapy and service dogs around the country. 

Of course, our adult dogs, including our 2 rescue dogs, live in our home, sleep in our bed, and are a part of our family!

We are proud members of The Illinois Golden Retriever Club, American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC).

Meet The Parents

GoldenFocus It's Obvious CGC  "CONNOR"             

Montrose SOUL's Bliss at Britmore CCA  "BLISS"


                  CONNOR      DOB: 6/29/13


                    BLISS     DOB: 7/25/19



We are so excited about this pairing of our CCA"BLISS" and International Champion "CONNOR!"  
Breeding occurred on January 31, 2023 (TCI at Veterinary Village, Madison WI).  Puppies are expected the 1st week of April (8 weeks gestation) and will then head to their new SOUL families after a minimum 8 weeks (early June, 2023).

Per Dewbury Dream Goldens' recommendations, we follow the "Puppy Culture" method of raising puppies.
We will temperament test the puppies when they are 49 days old per the " Volhard Method," (the method the military uses when selecting which dogs might be best suited for Service Dog work)  to make sure the puppies are matched to their new families. 
Puppies will be seen by our wonderful veterinarian Dr. Kristin Wojcik at Skycrest Animal Clinic. They will be microchipped and dewormed.  We will ensure our puppies are socialized and desensitized to being held, loud noises, multiple people, trimming nails, bathing and texture desensitizing. Research shows that a puppy's ability to adapt to all situation ensures a more stable temperament.
The first 3 weeks of a puppy's life are a crucial time. We ensure handling and loving touch several times a day.
Additionally, we will include Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises, which are conducted once daily from the
3rd to the 16th day of life, a period of rapid neurological growth and development.
Per info at AKC, the US Military developed this method according to their "Breeding Better Dogs" program,
designed to improve the performance of future military working dogs.
While we anticipate our puppies will go on to therapy work and be an integral part of their loving families,
adaptability and resilience are great traits for ALL dogs (and people!).
Please know that NO puppies will leave until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old. When they do leave, we will provide
a "going home package," including toys and a blanket with with their littermates and mom's scents.

*Limited availability of these puppies. We will not be taking reservations for these puppies until they are born. 
For puppies not already confirmed, priority will be given to future SOUL Harbour Ranch therapy dogs.
Puppies will only be offered with Limited AKC registration (no future breeding rights).
All puppies must be spayed or neutered by 2 years of age.

A HUGE thank you to both co-owner Andrea Sahs of Britmore Goldens and Britta Nielson of Dewbury Dream Goldens for sharing
your love and knowledge of the lineage, breeding, and whelping process, but most of all, for sharing your special dogs with us!
~Jodie Diegel
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