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SOUL Veterans Animal Therapy Troops

The “SOUL Veterans Animal Therapy Troops" is an impactful program for veterans, active military members and their families held on the last Sunday of every month.


As of January 2024, we have changed our  SOUL Veterans Program. On-site visits at SOUL Harbour Ranch will only be held in May, July and September, 2024.

During the Winter and Spring cold months (January, February, March, April) we will be out in our Barrington community visiting veterans. Our January visit is at Alden Estates of Barrington!

We will be hosting a Memorial Day Picnic on Sunday May 26, 2024, from 11am-1pm.

Additional ON-SITE visits at SOUL Harbour Ranch will be on July 28, 2024 and September 29, 2024 from 10:30am-12:00pm.

The remaining months (June, August, October, November and December) will be off-site visiting veterans in our Barrington community. 

We love that so many veterans and their families join us every month for SOULful connections with our therapy animals and also enjoy the camaraderie of one another.



Through our SOUL to SOUL visits (Sharing of Unconditional Love) with our miniature therapy horses, therapy dogs, miniature donkeys, giant rabbit, mini pigs and big horses, we allow veterans, with their families, to enjoy the power of the human-animal bond and the camaraderie of one another.

We send a heartfelt thank you to United States Air Force pilot Lt. Colonel Gina Stramaglio (also one of our SOUL Volunteers!) who has been instrumental in bringing greater awareness of our SOUL Veterans program to veterans and active military throughout the Chicagoland area.   






























Thank you to the Barrington Area Community Foundation for your support of this program!

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