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                  SOUL K.I.D.S.
Animal Therapy Program in Partnership with Barrington Police Department and Barrington 220 School District

SOUL KIDS (Kindness, Inclusion, Diversity, Service)

SOUL KIDS is a SOUL Harbour Ranch program in partnership with the Barrington Police Department, teaching messages of Kindness, Inclusion, Diversity and Service to District 220 School District schools. Visits to the Barrington District 220 schools will include our animal-assisted therapy dogs, mini therapy horses and our therapy cat teams.

SOUL K.I.D.S. highlights 2 of our current programs:

  1. Just Say WHOA to Bullying: we are proud to be a part of this international program, which shares the message of WHOA (We Help One Another) through our friend Amos the Wonder Horse and animal friends from around the world;

  2. SOUL Buddies Animal Therapy Club: we love mentoring Barrington High School students as they work with our special therapy animals (and their animals!) to become registered therapy teams. This weekly service club meets at BHS and at SOUL Harbour Ranch, and once a month the students provide an animal-assisted therapy visit within our Barrington community.


We are thrilled to partner with the Barrington Police Department as we make this program happen. Even more exciting is that Barrington Police Officer Rita Kelley is one of our registered volunteer animal handlers!

An accompanying video produced by Barrington’s own award-winning World Touch Productions (Thomas and Wade Balsamo) is made possible by a 2021 grant from the Barrington Area Community Foundation.


Our hope is that we impact every student in the Barrington 220 School District with messages of Kindness, Inclusion, Diversity, Service, WHOA (We Help One Another) and SOUL (Sharing of Unconditional Love).

District 220 School District staff are invited to call us for more info and to schedule a visit 855-408-SOUL (7685).


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