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Library/Reading/Literacy Program

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The “Read With Me™ library program is dedicated to improving literacy and involves reading to children with therapy animals present. The “Read With Me™ program (through Pet Partners) allows children to read to therapy animals in a nonjudgmental environment while encouraging reading skills.

NEW FOR 2023! 


The SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program has partnered with Barrington School District 220 to provide "Read with Me" sessions at all 8 of the elementary schools. We kicked off the program in March 2023 and it has been a resounding success...because of course reading to therapy dogs is PAWsome! Check out the woof-tastic photos above!

Thank you to Jordan Anderson, Director of Learning Services at Barrington School District 220 and ALL of the BSD220 elementary school principals and reading specialists for advocating for this program!



Thanks to our volunteers Vicki Coleman & Lynn Greifer for writing "What About Me," with adorable illustrations by Dan Dziewior.  We also appreciate Penelope LeRock for writing Magic Shoes, with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Catharine Nimon. Thank you to Anchor Book Press for helping us to publish. A portion of each book proceeds directly benefits the SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program.

“WHAT ABOUT ME” – Every day is a special day at SOUL Harbour Ranch! There are so many people to visit and hugs to receive. On this particular day, it’s a special party that night that sends the SOUL Harbour Ranch herd of mini therapy horses to the Graceful Gallop Mall in search of something special to wear to the party. Each of the horses has an idea about what to buy, but not poor Mystery. Mystery searches the whole mall looking for the one thing that will make her feel special. Just when she thinks she’s found that perfect something, Mystery can’t help wondering if she’s missing something … something even better than anything she could buy at the mall. Join Mystery and the rest of the SOUL Harbour Ranch herd as they discover the true meaning of “special.”


“MAGIC SHOES”Mystery and Turnabout are miniature therapy horses who visit with many people, including children. When Mystery and Turnabout visit children at the hospital, Mystery is certain it is her magical pink, sparkly shoes that make her visits so special. How else can Mystery explain the unconditional love that is exchanged between herself and the children when they touch her fur, and she nuzzles their faces? Join Mystery and Turnabout as they visit children at the hospital, and Mystery discovers true magic.

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