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Just say WHOA To Bullying
Bullying Prevention Program

Just Say Whoa® to Bullying is a nationally-recognized bullying prevention program that helps children AND adults to recognize and respect the differences in one another by partnering with therapy animals. Our friend Amos the Wonder Horse and his friends around the world are dedicated to making this world a better place as we WHOA: We Help One Another.

The very foundation of  the program is predicated on character education. Teaching bullying prevention is just a piece of this program, which also includes teaching kindness, empathy, compassion, creativity, and integrity.

The “Just Say WHOA to Bullying” program is one of the programs included in our  “SOUL K.I.D.S.” program, a partnership with the Barrington Police for children in District 220  School District, promoting Kindness, Inclusion, Diversity and Service and promoting the “SOUL Buddies Animal Therapy Club” that we mentor at Barrington High School.

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