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Healing with H.E.A.R.T. and SOUL

This program is made possible thanks to a generous $15,000 grant from the Oberweiler Foundation

Participants for this program are by special-invitation only

H: Healing         &          S: Sharing

E: Energy                       O: Of

A: Awareness                U: Unconditional

R: Resiliency                  L: Love

T: Transformation

For more information about H.E.A.R.T., please see our Blogs under the About link

DATES: Please call for availability

TIME: Each program will consist of a 3-hour immersive experience (10 am-1 pm) with a light breakfast (bars, juice, muffins, etc) and lunch (Panera) provided at SOUL Harbour Ranch, engaging in the above mentioned topics with Jodie Diegel RN as the nurse coach facilitator and SOUL volunteers at each session.

10-10:30am: check in, light breakfast, introductions, camaraderie. Introduction of handouts of coaching materials, IHWA (International Health and Wellness) assessments, coaching with H.E.A.R.T. materials, journal

10:30-11:30 SOUL to SOUL connections with our therapy animals; includes grooming and handling, human and animal camaraderie, and TEAMwork, where "together everyone achieves more").

11:30-12:00 SOUL Path w/Mindful Mini Meditations: Participants will walk on our SOUL PATH at the perimeter of our 5-acre property as we “Shinrin-Yoku,” immersing ourselves in nature and reflecting on the connections with our special animals and one another. As we walk, participants will become consciously aware of what it means to be present in the here and now, to let go and just "be."

12-12:30pm Healing with HEART and SOUL: group discussion, IHWA assessment and the 5 pillars of H.E.A.R.T. (Healing, Energy, Awareness, Resiliency, Transformation), facilitated by Jodie Diegel, RN.

Ending with connection to breath and connection to SOUL (one’s inner SOUL and also SOUL Harbour Ranch, where Sharing of Unconditional Love is what our animals do best).

12:30-1pm Lunch and SOULful connections with one another

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