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SHR Volunteers Dec 2022

Our volunteers and our therapy animals are the heart and SOUL  of our ALL-volunteer program! Check out our "Ranch Volunteers" page to meet our incredible team!

SOUL Harbour Ranch Animal Therapy Program, where mini therapy horses, therapy dogs, a therapy cat, mini donkeys, mini pigs, a giant rabbit and big horses are good for your SOUL!


We host volunteer information sessions once per year (variable due to COVID) for those that want to become registered animal therapy handlers and visit with us.


Our next New Volunteer Information Session will be held sometime in 2024. 


If you are interested in joining our Animal Therapy program and becoming a registered Animal Therapy handler with our therapy animals such as our miniature therapy horses, therapy dogs, mini therapy pigs, and therapy rabbit, we require the following: minimum age 14 (no exceptions), commitment to completion of Pet Partners Handler course and testing within 3 months of volunteer start date, and minimum twice per month commitment at training and visits (the majority of our volunteers commit more than that!)


We will post the information sessions in our newsletter and on our social media. Please sign up for our newsletter AND stay tuned for future dates via our social media! Please CONTACT US for more information.

For those interested in becoming a registered animal therapy team member with your own animal, we would love to have you join our Animal Therapy Team. We are happy to help you become a registered therapy animal team and join us!   We will allow any breed of animal that Pet Partners allows, which includes 9 breeds of animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, rats, guinea pigs, horses/donkeys, and llamas/alpacas. See the "Volunteer Requirements" page for more information.

We are always in need of volunteers to help with feeding our herd and cleaning the barn. Morning and evening shifts are available, plan for 1.5-2 hrs. Must be able-bodied and not mind hard work. Also need to be able to lift (w/help) muck buckets to dumpster. Enjoy time in the barn and get your best thinking done! 

Please call us for more information 855-408-7685 or CONTACT US

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