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HEALING through HEART: Give Me a H!

By Jodie Diegel, RN, MBA, Nurse Coach

We all need a cheerleader in our lives! That voice that keeps you going, filled with positive energy and enthusiasm, the “cheer” that inspires and motivates you!

Who is your cheerleader in life? Think of their inspiring attitude, their energy, their resiliency. Are you thinking of someone else? Can you find your OWN cheerleader from within?

For the next 60 seconds, as we begin this week’s “Coaching with HEART and SOUL” session, take 6 deep breaths, stretching out each breath over 10 seconds. Count to 5 on on the inhale, then exhale for 5. Clear your mind. Release any body tension. You can keep your eyes open or close them.

NOW BREATHE. Just be. Still. Serene. Mindful.

With a heightened sense of awareness and mindfulness, think of H words that make you Happy! (Ok, that’s a freebie!)

Here are a few of mine. (There are MANY more…please comment below with you H words, even if the same as mine!)

  1. Happiness

  2. Hope

  3. Horses


How does it get from Happiness to Healing? Something like this:

  1. Happiness comes from within. Joy. Love. Laughter. Bliss.

  2. Hope: faith that focuses on the future, trusting that your greatest wishes and desires will come true. What are your dreams?

  3. Horses are of course a big part of my life, as we bring happiness, joy, love, laughter and bliss to others through our animal therapy program. By sharing SOUL (Sharing of Unconditional Love), we bring HEALING.

  4. And HORSES are HEALERS…So give me an H for HEALING!

In the nurse coaching world, “Listening with HEART” is an acronym which allows nurse coaches to explore reflective questions with their clients, allowing deep introspection.

*Nurse coaching is all about creating a unique relationship of trust and mutual respect with a client (each of you that are reading this). This holistic and co-creative approach places the you at the center as a starting point while recognizing that one’s own internal and external environments will influence health and wellbeing. This reflective process is deepened by my asking you curious questions in the moment with no need to ‘fix’ any thing.

All of you have unique histories, stories, cultures, perspectives and the inherent wisdom to discover individual healing. Healing is a lifelong journey seeking harmony and balance in one’s own life and in family, community, and global relations.

We know that LIFE is not always filled with happy H words…there is Hurt and Hardship in many life circumstances. How do you cope with those unhappy H’s?


  1. What are you hoping for?

  2. What would a healing outcome be?

  3. What do you believe is the meaning of this challenge?

  4. What do you imagine success will feel like?

Re-read each question again, this time with mindfulness until you can give yourself the answer. Reflect on a single challenge you might be going through or have gone through. Write down your answers, either for your eyes only or share in the comments. Really try to understand the meaning of this challenge and what the outcome might be.

That brings us to “Give me an H” for HEALING.

By understanding the deeper meaning of the above questions, you find HEALING from within. Find that cheerleader within yourself that allows you to HEAL. You just might find that the challenge you faced, that hurt, hardship or unhappy time, led you to expand your Horizons (yes, another H word!) with growth beyond your wildest dreams!

All my HEART and SOUL,


*Credit: Listening with HEART© Reflective Questions © International Nurse Coach Association.

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