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Therapy Rabbit*

*in training

Flemish Giant Rabbit 

"BLOSSOM" is a Flemish Giant rabbit with gorgeous steel gray, thick glossy fur that is SO soft! She was initially a visitor that we were "bunny-sitting" at SOUL Harbour Ranch and due to her very kind and loving personality, as well as her love of being pet and held, we decided she needed to join our SOUL family!

Blossom was raised around children and other farm animals, so she is very personable. She loves hopping around the barn and does a rabbit "binky" to let us know she is very happy in her new home.  She loves exploring in the barn, especially with her new 2 best friends, our mini pigs Peaches & Pickles.


Blossom is in training to become a registered therapy rabbit with Pet Partners and hope she will join us at future SOUL therapy visits.


We are SO excited to have Blossom the bunny at SOUL Harbour Ranch! 

DOB: 4/12/20

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