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Energize Your Life: Create Positivity

Updated: Apr 9

by Jodie Diegel, RN, MBA, Nurse Coach

Doesn't this picture make you smile?!?!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every morning we could wake up feeling refreshed, a huge smile on our face, mindful of the gift of even being able to wake up, appreciative of all that a new day has to offer?

Instead, many of us have some (and, I hope not most) mornings where we may wake up stressed, carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, having spent a restless and sleepless night worrying about anything and everything. Those are the moments we could all use a little extra "energy" to get through our day.

This bring us to the next acronym in "Listening with HEART": E=ENERGY

Energy...what is it? It could be an electrical current, but it also is the "get up and go" that we need to get through life challenges. It can also be the positive or negative energy from those that we surround ourselves with.

Ask yourself these 2 important questions:

1. What or who gives you energy?

2. What or who takes away your energy? (p.s.DON'T LET THEM!)

Here at SOUL Harbour Ranch, we are energized by the positive people (all of YOU and our SOUL Family) and the special animals that we surround ourselves with. Find those positive people and animals in your life, whether in the office, at home, or of course, at SOUL Harbour Ranch! Do they make you smile? You can help others smile and be energized simply through the power of a positive comment, like "good job," "you are appreciated," and "you are awesome!" Our animals can even appreciate kind and positive comments as our body language and tone changes to one of openness, nonjudgment and kindness.

Think now to something or someone who took away your energy...the negative energy may have even had a palpable presence! Did you feel something "off" in your gut?

Are you currently experiencing this negative energy or "challenge?" How are your going to get through this?

From a nurse coach perspective, take a moment after reading each of these questions to ponder the answer as I ask you:

1. What are your feelings about moving forward with this challenge?

2. What has given you the energy or will to succeed at other times?

3. What would be a step in the right direction for now?

4. What do you need to take that step?

As you discover the challenges that you face, you will also discover that the answers lie within yourself as you engage your own authenticity, mindfulness, openness, receptivity, surprise, mystery, and discovery of self and others.

By creating an atmosphere of positivity, you can Eagerly Embrace Electrifying ENERGY!

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