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Baby Mini Horses

*in training

Buttercup & Blue Belle joined our herd thanks to a generous grant from the Steven E. Wittkowski Foundation, in his memory  

Blue Belle & Buttercup
Blue Belle

 Baby Miniature Horse

BUTTERCUP (AMHR name "Slice Farms Buttercup") is the tiniest miniature horse. Her "white" cremello coloring makes her our perfect little unicorn!  She is named after the unicorn Buttercup from Toy Story 3 and loves big hugs!

She has a BIG girl personality and when she is out with the rest of the herd, you can often find her in the middle of the "big minis." 

Buttercup is from S. Carolina (Scott Slice at Slice Farms) and drove back in the SOUL minivan with Jodie and Claire. She was a gem!  When we picked up Blue Belle in Indiana that same day, it was as if the girls had always known each other. They are truly SOUL sisters and are together all of the time.

Buttercup's breeding goes back to Magic Man, Komokos, Flying W Farms, and Scott Creek Farm.


Buttercup is in training to become a registered therapy mini horse with Pet Partners.


We are SO excited to welcome Buttercup to our herd! 

FOALED: 3/23/23

 Baby Miniature Horse
"Blue Belle"

BLUE BELLE (AMHR name "Minitrax Ranch Black Magic n Lace") is a gorgeous blue roan miniature horse with heterochromia...1 blue eye and 1 brown eye! She has a huge white blaze down her face which is very striking.  She is named after Blue Belle, one of the first "My Little Pony" horses.

Even though Blue Belle is younger than her sister Buttercup, she is the larger of our 2 young fillies and with a lot more spunk!  When she is out in the pasture, she really kicks her heels/hooves up, bucking and running like the wind!

Blue Belle is from Indiana (Lisa Knapp at Knapp Knee-High Miniature Horse Farm). She met Buttercup and they immediately bonded in our SOUL mini van. 


Blue Belle's breeding goes back to First Knight's Billy Idol, Magic Man, LM Hawks, ABranch, Antares Farm, and Brewers Orion.

Blue Belle is in training to become a therapy mini horse with Pet Partners.


We are thrilled to welcome Blue Belle to our herd!

FOALED: 5/3/23

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